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When do the Englishboxes ship?

For one time boxes orders are processed within 3-5 days then shipped out. Shipping time depends on your location and the type of shipping selected at check out.

How do I cancel my order?

If you have purchased a box by accident, help email us at immediately. We will gladly refund your money as long as your box has not shipped. If your box has shipped, then we cannot provide you with a refund.

Refund/Return Policy

If you have been auto renewed and you don't wish to purchase a box, please email us as hello@igniteenglish/com. We are happy to refund any boxes that are unshipped. If the box has been shipped, we do not provide a refund. There are no returns at Ignite English. If there are any items you are uninterested in, we're sorry! No returns on items recieved in a box.

What age/ reading level is recommended for the box?

The genre of books included is either a classis novel or popular best seller, we recommend that readers are at least 14 and up. But can depend on the maturity of the reader. The lexile level of the books we select to vary but are usually between 1000-1200. But, keep in mind that the reading guides are created to help you through the book, so even if your level is lower, don't be discouraged!

Who is the Englishbox for?

Great question! The Englishbox is for anyone who wants to read a book and discuss the deeper meaning of the storyline. Our box is great for: -Booklovers who want to join a bookclub and discuss the book -Students -Teachers and librarians (our boxes make for great insiration for lessons!) -Homeschoolers -Anyone!! Yup, anyone who enjoys reading will have fun with our box

My box arrived with damaged items.

If any of our products arrive damaged please contact us at Please note that we have a 30 day claim policy on any damaged or missing products.

I purchased a box, but it never arrived.

Once ordered are shipped out and in the hands of USPS, they are no longer within our control. While we cannot take any responsibility for lost items in the USPS system, please email us at to discuss filing a claim with the postal service.




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